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What Type of Acne Scar Removal is the Best for You?

Dealing with the scars that are caused by acne can be troublesome. The treatment that works on another person may not be the ideal solution for you. There are various types of acne scar treatment that will support you in enhancing your complexion. There are also instances when the medical professional will combine some of these medical procedures for better results.

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Different Types of Acne Scar Removal Process

In case your skin breakouts are reminding you of your unhappy high school years, here are some of the acne scar treatments that will help in diminishing the visibility of the scars.

Soft Tissue Filler

In this acne scar removal process, ‘filler’ such as fat, hyaluronic acid, and collagen will be injected on the surface of our skin. This will increase the volume in our skin that will help in reducing the visibility of the scar. This treatment is ideal for individuals who have a depressed skin appearance. However, this result will only last for a few months since the particles will eventually be absorbed by our body. The filler injection should be repeated if you want to maintain your smooth skin.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is used as an acne scar treatment to remove the outer layer of our skin. This will smoothen the areas of our face with acne scar. The redness of the healed lesions will be lightened naturally over time. There are various types of laser procedure depending on the situation of the patient. The doctor may also perform numerous sessions depending on the instrument used. It may also take several days before the healing process takes place.


This is one of the most effective procedures for the removal of acne scar. The doctor may utilise a high-speed instrument or brush that aims to resurface our skin. This may either reduce or remove the annoying depressions or bumps that are caused by acne scars. It should take a couple of days before the skin will heal after the procedure.

Chemical Peeling

This is the ideal acne scar removal procedure for those with shallow scars. Those who are experiencing hyper pigmentation will also find this a great solution. Chemical peeling should only be administered by a spa aesthetician, nurse practitioner, nurse or doctor. The chemical solution that will be applied to your skin will remove the outer layer of our skin which will reveal an even and smoother appearance. Contingent upon the strength of the chemical, the patient may experience peeling and redness for a few days.

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Punch Excision

Punch Excision is an acne scar surgical procedure. By cutting or excising the scar individually, the hole that was caused by the acne will be repaired. This is used to treat a severe case of acne scar. In some cases, the doctor may also use a skin graft when repairing the skin.

Always remember that while these acne scar removal treatment can help you enhance your skin appearance, it may not completely restore the integrity of your skin. Always remain realistic with regards to your expectation.

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