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Face Fillers

Different age-related factors affect the facial appearances of your skin. For women, the facial appearance remains the most important priority.

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What You Should Know about Face Fillers?

Most women will look for a facelift so as to improve their look. Some of the commonly used methods include the facial filling, use of creams, and even surgical procedures. All these aims at making the wrinkles disappear and make the skin firm and smooth out the contour by filling out the folds and troughs.

However, the approach is different. With the creams, you have to follow certain procedures daily. With the surgical procedures and face filling, these are medical procedures that are done once and therefore work faster. Most women will prefer the face filler. Before and after undergoing the face filler, there are some important factors that you need to know. These include the following.

Fillers Might Result in Treatable Allergic Reactions

Be aware that the fillers might result in some allergic reactions on your skin. These are mostly tiny bumps that will appear under the skin. Although in some cases they might be permanent, the physicians have some treatments that will work against the bumps. Therefore if you do have them, you need to talk to your doctor so that you can receive the necessary correction and attention. Another common allergic reaction that appears is called Tyndall Effect. This is usually a bluish skin discoloration, but will soon disappear after some months. However, this colouration is not easily recognisable in darker skin type.

Always Visit a Qualified Doctor for the Procedure

If you want to undergo the face filler treatment, it is advisable that you choose your doctor with care. Always choose a qualified and experienced practitioner. In some cases, patients have reported non-reversible side effects as a result of wrong injections. One commonly reported side effect is skin cells die after the filler has been injected. This is an indication of wrongful administration of the face filler that can lead to serious effects. Other cases have led to blindness and nerves paralysis too. Note that all these can be avoided and this is if you are willing to consult a qualified doctor.

Not All Face Fillers Will Work in Everyone`s Skin

Your skin is unique, and therefore it might not work with face filler that worked for your friend. This is why you are advised to avoid buying off the counter face fillers because some of them are not even genuine. Only a qualified Dermatologist can advise on the right face filler that can work for your body skin type. Therefore don’t assume you know and, you should visit a dermatologist to test and advice on the filler that works for your skin type.

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Be Careful with the Use of

Semi-Permanent and Permanent Fillers

Some face filler might be permanent, and therefore it is important that you follow the dermatologist advice. Only a dermatologist with years of experience can give the right advice. Therefore when going for these type of face fillers, you should be extra careful to choose a certified practitioner.

Don’t use the blood thinners before the procedure. You should notify the practitioner about any medicines you are using during consultation. These should be avoided for at least two weeks before the injection.

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