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Understanding Stem Cell Cosmetics

Several scientists have taken the use of stem cells beyond treatment of certain illnesses in the body, and we now have the emergence of Stem Cell Cosmetics. What this aims at is using the stem cells to make creams that can be used as cosmetic products to improve the appearance of the user. However, so far the most used stem cell in cosmetics is derived from the plant’s tissue.

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The scientists extract plant stem cell from the plant’s tissue and use it in making the cosmetic creams. Note that similar to the human beings, the plants have stem cells that will help in stimulating and regenerating the plant naturally after an injury. The major area where the scientist’s attention is currently focused on is the developing of new cosmetics using the stem cells of plants. Therefore they are studying how the extracts called phyto-hormones can influence the human skin.

Does Stem Cell Cosmetic Work against Skin Ageing?

Scientists behind the studies have argued that the plant stem cells have a role in the skin that will help in treating ageing skin. Therefore, their use in cosmetics can help in realising the benefits. They argue that the plant stem cell cosmetics are safe being an organic source, and effective to fight ageing effects.

Stem cells in animals will help by regenerating the broken tissue and therefore useful in the treatment. Similarly, the plant stem cell will help the plant in the regeneration of an injured part. For example, if you peel the skin off the plant, after a while the peeled part is regenerated, and the plant heals. This is the effectiveness of the plant’s stem cell. Further, scientists argue that the regenerative role of the plant stem cells is not only in healing the injured part but also in the growth of a new plant. For example, if you trim branches of a tree today, the tree will regenerate another bud, and a branch grows again. A common argument that can be raised here is why is it believed that an apple a day will keep ageing away?

Plant Stem Cell Cosmetics Are Already in the Market

An individual plant stem cell can be used to regenerate the whole plant. The plant stem cell culture techniques are employed to overcome the problems that arise in the manufacturing of cosmetic products. The extracts that are derived from the plant tissue are used for the production of cosmetic products and are mostly used in skin lightening and also in the reduction of wrinkles. Many skin care manufacturers are promoting the use of stem cell cosmetics. These are the anti-ageing serums, lightening creams, cleansers and body lotions. Most of the companies that are manufacturing stem cell cosmetics will actually indicate that their products have the stem cell ingredients.


Although the stem cell cosmetics are already on the market, there is a doubt on their effectiveness since the stem cells are already dead. Some scientists argue that live stem cells would work better in cosmetics. However, the challenge is in storing these live stem cells. Further studies are still being called in this area.

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