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Stem Cell Knee Pain

Somewhat controversial, stem cell treatment for knee pain is an innovative, practical approach. While many success stories exist, those against the therapy, claim that there is lack of sufficient research supporting its use.

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A Solution That Works

Apparently true, it remains difficult to argue with evidence of patients who have improved their lives through stem cell for chronic pain. Previously, the use of stem cells was restricted to cancer. Stem cells from foreign sources, injected into the bone marrow, would help in the synthesis of new body cells.

Following this logic, stem cell clinics, inject the cells in areas in need of repair –your damaged knee. Okay, you may argue that it may be just a placebo; however, some patients have gone on, to do well several years after the Stem cell knee pain therapy. An example of a study supporting this claim was published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine.

Participants were 25 people with bad knees. From the study, researchers concluded that it was safe to use the cells for managing pain. They couldn’t wholeheartedly agree if the treatment was 100% effective. All things said, more needs to be done in terms of research. However, those looking for a quick relief could try the treatment and see if it works for them. Not to worry, the treatments are safe. When in doubt speak to your doctor, on the specifics and side-effects is essential.

Stem Cells for Knee Injuries and Arthritis

Age robs you of a fit, healthy, springy, flexible body. But in return you get wisdom. However, nasty joint conditions like osteoarthritis, manage to sneak in and ruin all the fun. Running, walking, and simple activities like tying your shoelaces become overwhelmingly painful.

Surgeries are what most doctors recommend. However, they come with various risks. Some patients negatively react to anaesthesia, are at risk of blood clots, and may experience rejection of the body to metal implants among other side effects. Sometimes, it takes a long time before candidates can walk normally.

The Select Choice

Stem cells are all over in your body, –adipose tissues, blood, and bone marrow. They are similar to cells that make up bones, cartilage, joints, and ligaments. This makes them capable of repairing the damage in your knees. That means relive from degenerative arthritis and trauma.

With stem cell therapy for knee pain, you never need surgery and implants. You receive an injection of the cell directly to your knees. After a few weeks, damaged tissues regrow allowing you to resume use of the legs.

Costs for this surgery are quite reasonable, and patients can walk from the clinic after the procedure. In fact, you never have to take a bed rest, and within a few weeks, the pain fades. The healing depends on your body’s natural healing capability.


Where Do the Cells Come From?

Stem cells can be extracted from your bone marrow or fat tissues, which is quite innovative. That minimises the risk of infections and allergies.

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